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UNSTOPPABLE™ is the legendary instant performance enhancing pre-workout. Breaking records, plateaus, and limits is what UNSTOPPABLE™ was designed for. An unbreakable will to lift whatever weight you put on the bar!

- 300g net weight.
- 30 servings per container.





UNSTOPPABLE™ contains extremely potent and fully
disclosed ingredients at the highest possible dosages for legendary results.

Experience for yourself within minutes after drinking UNSTOPPABLE™
why it has earned its name.



Unstoppable contains a potent combination of stimulating ingredients enabling you to power through your workouts. Perfectly balanced to provide a smooth and lasting energy surge, but without leaving you depleted afterwards.


Featuring proven and effective ingredients at the highest dosage possible, UNSTOPPABLE™ will provide a sensory sensation that makes you want to crush records and break through your plateaus.

Don’t just take it from us; UNSTOPPABLE™ has been awarded many times by industry leading experts and websites as Stack3d to be the real pre-workout deal and record smashing effective!

UNSTOPPABLE™ was designed with one single goal in
mind; to be the ultimate pre-workout experience… EVER!

Get in the zone

Within minutes of taking UNSTOPPABLE™ your mind will
become focused, energy will increase and you will take deep breaths to suck in as much air as possible.

A few minutes later the world starts to slow down and blood will start to flow more freely to your muscles, creating a pump before even lifting a single weight.

Another few minutes later and UNSTOPPABLE™ will hit you in the face. You are fully in the zone. Strength, pump, endurance, focus,
drive, energy, every single aspect of your performance is enhanced beyond what you thought would even be possible.

There is no more pain, no more fatigue; only the voice in your head of the God of War himself shouting “lift motherfu#@&*….LIFT!”

The ultimate experience

It is the synergy between all ingredients what truly sets UNSTOPPABLE™ apart. Every single ingredient is at the exact maximum dosage and is working in perfect harmony together with the other ingredients.

UNSTOPPABLE™ works like no other product you have ever
taken. No other pre-workout will provide the same show stopping results only UNSTOPPABLE™ can.

UNSTOPPABLE™ is a truly one of a kind revolutionary product that, like all DEDICATED® products, delivers results; fast.

Experience the sensation for yourself. It is time to become UNSTOPPABLE™!


Learn more about the ingredients in Unstoppable™.

This amazing amino acid gives
you a crazy strong muscle pump Furthermore, L-Citrulline also enhances oxygen uptake, increases protein synthesis and improves sexual performance. We didn’t use less effective and cheap Citrulline Malate, but went straight in with real pure Citrulline for increased results and optimal performance.

Like regular betaine, only supercharged! Not only does it increase strength, size and volume, it also gives you a truly wicked muscle pump which will lasts for hours.

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that’s being used by muscle cells to make Carnosine.

Carnosine acts as a lactic acid buffer; which means it can delay the burning sensation and muscle fatigue. More Carnosine in muscle cells basically means you can train harder and longer. Beta Alanine levels in the body become truly effective after 30 days of daily use.

This amazing amino acid does wonders for giving you an amazing pump, it also enhances water uptake within muscle cells, increases protein synthesis, increases fat loss and improves digestion.

Betaine does so by performing 2 functions within the body; it acts as a methyl donor and an osmolyte. “Well what does that actually mean?” you might think. In short, it has a very positive effect on your body’s fluids and thus protein synthesis (muscle building; yeah!).

Caffeine should need no introduction as its effects on mental alertness are well known.

UNSTOPPABLE™ contains enough caffeine for increased energy, but not too much causing you to be over stimulated.

Boy oh boy, this natural extract is nothing like eating a nice and juicy mango!

Zynamite™ is a truly revolutionary new stimulant. Side effect free, this patented ingredient supports faster reaction times, speeds up mental activation and helps to increase performance and recovery. At the right dosage Zynamite™ will also super charge Caffeine’s effectiveness. Zynamite™ is a very, very expensive ingredient that is often severely under dosed, but not with DEDICATED. We went all out so you can go all out!

This amino acid plays a critical role in allowing your body and brain to keep on performing at peak levels during a workout.

L-Tyrosine can produce a nice clean boost in mental clarity, focus and energy and thus is a great addition to UNSTOPPABLE’s Energy Blend.

This vitamin has a very nice and potent ‘feel effect’ when taken as it immediately enhances blood flow (making some turn red or warm). It also helps with energy production and enhancing the muscle pump.

Vitamin C increases performance through so many different pathways, it would be a waste not to include it!

AstraGin® is capable of increasing absorption, and
thus the effectiveness, of all ingredients in UNSTOPPABLE™ making them all work that much better. AstraGin® is a very expensive ingredient that most use sparingly. 50mg is the proven dose that works and so we’ve added just that and nothing less to safe costs. No cutting corners here on effectiveness.

For optimal hydration we’ve included the minerals Potassium and Sodium so your performance stays on track.

INGREDIENTS UNSTOPPABLE® ROCKET ICE: L-Citrulline, Beta alanine, Betaine anhydrate, Betaine nitrate, Flavour, Acidity regulator (Trisodium citrate), Acid (Malic acid), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Tyrosine, Caffeine, Mango Leaves Extract (Zynamite®), Anti-caking agent (Silicium dioxide), Black carrot powder, Vitamins and Minerals (Nicotinic acid (B3), Ascorbic acid (C)), AstraGin®, Inulin (Other flavours ingredients might slightly differ).


Everything you want to know about Unstoppable.

Simply take your preferred dosage 30-45 minutes before your workout and buckle up!

Yes, UNSTOPPABLE™ contains proven ingredients and does not contain any banned substances. However it is strongly advised to always start with ½ scoop to asses tolerance. Never combine with other caffeine containing substances.

UNSTOPPABLE™ does not contain any known allergens.

Yes, UNSTOPPABLE™ can be perfectly stacked with other

Stack it with VASO-GROW™ for all day every day pump and muscle fullness

Stack it with EPIC™ for even bigger record smashing performance in the gym

Or simply stack it with any other DEDICATED product for increased synergy!

In fact, all Dedicated products are uniquely designed to work in perfect synergy with each-other, meaning they are not only great in combination, but they even enhance each other's effectiveness when taken