Lifting is our life. We work hard every day to get the results we want. Blood, pain, tears and fears, we endure but we overcome because we are determined to reach our goal.

Our goal is to release the planet’s most effective sports supplements. Not just to help you get the results you want, but to help you get them in the most effective way humanly possible.

If you believe in a cause, if you want to reach your goals, we believe you better go all-in from the start. Because if you don’t give your all, you might as well not give at all. That simple believe is why, for Dedicated lifters, only the very best is good enough.

No compromise, no middle ground, no in-between, the absolute best of the best or nothing at all.

That is why, in OUR products, every single ingredient and every single dosage has a purpose. If it is in our formula, it is in there for a reason at that specific dosage.

No Bullshit, just results!