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EPIC™ is the ultimate all-in-one, cell volumizing, muscle building, NO boosting, instant strength & performance enhancing supplement on the planet.

EPIC™ contains the absolute highest dosages of Creatine, Beta Alanine, Betaine and other advanced ingredients that are working as hard as you do. The unique combination of ingredients and their specific dosage is why no other product on the market today can be compared to EPIC™.

In fact, we call it EPIC™ for a damn good reason; it works!

- 425g net weight.
- 25 servings per container.




If you are working hard every day, then why would you settle for average products?
Who wants to be average; not us, and neither should you!
If you aim to be the best, then the supplements you are taking should also be the best.

The amount of supplements on the market today is overwhelming.
Where do you even start? You have probably already tried many supplements, but are you really satisfied with the results so far? What if there was one product that could beat them all?



Creatine is the most researched and used sports supplement on the market today. A must-have ingredient to enhance performance, recovery and strength.

Designed for effectiveness

Another key fact is that EPIC™ only contains ingredients that are actually useful. There is no room for sugars, empty calories, ‘secret’ blends, unproven and under dosed ingredients or any other BS!

Just ingredients that work, at the highest possible dosages and specifically selected for those who put in the work themselves.

That’s right, EPIC™ is not a shortcut. It is not a tool for those looking to do less. EPIC™ is for serious athletes only, designed to be a multiplier of hard work.

EPIC™ is the ultimate product to help you reach your weight training goals. If you demand greatness, then EPIC™ is the product for you!


Learn more about the ingredients in EPIC.

Creatine is the most researched and used sports supplement on the market today. The benefits and
safety of Creatine supplementation have been documented by thousands of studies. Creatine levels in the body become truly effective after 7 days of daily use.

Creatine’s main use is to
increase ATP storage within our body. ATP is the energy source we use during short explosive movements, such as weight lifting or sprinting. Creatine will allow you to use heavier weights, enhance recovery, become faster and increase overall performance. In short, Creatine is a truly must have supplement.

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that’s being used by muscle cells to make Carnosine.

Carnosine acts as a lactic acid buffer; which means it can delay the burning sensation and muscle fatigue. More Carnosine in muscle cells basically means you can train harder and longer. Beta Alanine levels in the body become truly effective after 30 days of daily use.

This amazing amino acid does wonders for giving you an amazing pump. Furthermore betaine anhydrous also enhances water uptake within muscle cells, increases protein synthesis, increases fat loss and improves digestion.

 Betaine does so by performing
2 functions within the body; it acts as a methyl donor and an osmolyte. “Well what does that actually mean?” you might think. In short it has a very positive effect on your body’s fluids and thus protein synthesis (muscle building; yeah!)

Amongst its many functions, the amino acid Taurine increases muscle force production, increases cell hydration, preserves exercise capacity, keeps oxidative stress at bay, enhances natural and healthy testosterone production, increases fat oxidation and enhances the uptake and use of BCAA’s.

What’s even better about Taurine’s addition to EPIC™, is that it greatly enhances the effects of Creatine.

Is a new patent pending and key ingredient in EPIC™. Watt’s UP™ is a unique natural orange extract and has various clinical studies supporting the fact that it increases strength and endurance in as little as 15 minutes!

The goodness doesn’t stop there as Watt’s Up™ also enhances NO production (aka ‘the pump’) and naturally increases ATP production (Creatine). Watt’s Up™ is a truly remarkable and novel ingredient that can have a profound impact on performance.

We have all heard that “red wine is good for you”. This is due to various antioxidants present in the red wine. What’s even better is that grape seeds actually are way more potent; yes the stuff you spit out!  We’ve used a very high dose of nearly pure antioxidants (OPC’s) that work wonders for speeding up recovery, enhancing the pump and thus overall performance.

AstraGin® is capable of increasing absorption, and thus the effectiveness, of all ingredients in EPIC™ making them all work that much better. AstraGin® is a very expensive ingredient that most use sparingly. 50mg is the proven dose that works and so we’ve added just that and nothing less to safe costs. No cutting corners here on effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS EPIC® WATERMELON: Creatine gluconaat, Betaine anhydrate, Beta alanine, Taurine, Flavour, Citrus fruit extract (WATTS’UP™), Inulin, Grape seed extract 95% OPC, Acids (Citric acid, Malic acid), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K), Beetroot powder, AstraGin® (Other flavours ingredients might slightly differ).


Everything you want to know about EPIC.

On training days the best time to take EPIC™ is about 30 minutes before your workout.

Because EPIC™ is stimulant free it can replace your pre-workout on training days if need be.

On other days we recommend taking one scoop with a meal. EPIC™ should be used 7 days a week for optimal effectiveness.

Within 15 minutes your strength will increase. After 1 week your muscles will have been saturated with Creatine. Beta Alanine provides the additional push and increase in performance after 4 weeks of use. So the longer you use EPIC™ the better the results.

Yes, EPIC™ contains safe and proven ingredients.

EPIC™ does not contain any known allergens.

Yes, EPIC™ can be perfectly stacked with other products.

Stack it with VASO-GROW™ for
all day every day pump and muscle fullness.

Stack it with UNSTOPABLE™ for
even bigger record smashing performance in the gym.

Or simply stack it with any
other DEDICATED product for increased synergy.

In fact, all Dedicated products are uniquely designed to work in perfect synergy with each-other, meaning they are not only great in combination, but they even enhance each other's effectiveness when taken together.