Dedicated Lifting Gloves with Octo-Grip
Dedicated Lifting Gloves
Dedicated Lifting Gloves

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Lifting Gloves

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Improve your grip and thus the amount of weight you can lift during heavy lifts.
Grip pads with Octo-grip™. In addition to a gripping effect by the skid resistance of the material, Octo-Grip™ also creates a suction effect providing ultimate grip.

Made of high quality durable material to live through intensive workouts.

With wrist wraps that wrap twice around the wrist for extra stability. Attaches with ultra-strength silent Velcro for perfect hold.

Product specifics:

  • Octo-Grip™ Technology
  • Wrist wraps for extra stability.
  • Inside padding for comfort.
  • Ultra-strength silent Velcro.
  • High quality durable material.
  • Available in multiple sizes for ultimate fit.

        SIZE CHART

        M 8 cm / 3 inch
        L 9 cm / 3.5 inch
        XL 10 cm / 4 inch

          * Measure your hand palm at its widest area.