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Dedicated Nutrition


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Dedicated #Gainz is the ultimate weight gainer containing only the world’s finest ingredients. The ideal product for anyone who is serious about reaching the next level.

- 4 KG net weight.
- 37 servings per bag.





DEDICATED #GAINZ™ contains only true quality ingredients you actually NEED and nothing you do not need.

Because nothing beats real food, we carefully selected nature’s true raw nutrition powerhouses.

Featuring REAL Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.


#GAINZ™ combines both slow and fast absorbing protein in a unique blend of 50% Whey Concentrate and 50% Milk Isolate (Casein). The optimal ratio to support lean muscle mass.


You are pushing hard in the gym but you are not getting the gainz you are working for. Something is holding you back.

The effort you are putting in not the issue. You are attacking each and every workout with every fiber of your body. What is it that is keeping you from growing?

If you want to grow more, you have to eat more.

It’s a mantra as old as the barbell, but still holds true to this day. Your hard work in the gym will only take you so far. If you are not getting in the calories and nutrients to refuel and rebuild you are not going to burst through your plateaus. You are putting your dreams on hold!

Carefully selected ingredients

However, eating more food does not mean eat whatever food you can put your hands on. If you eat like crap, you will look like crap!

DEDICATED #GAINZ™ was designed to help you eat more calories and nutrients combined with cutting edge 21st century food technology.

Every single ingredient has been carefully selected to make #Gainz stand out from the crowd, with the right amount of protein to support muscle building and recovery. We are not adding any sugar, fats or processed junk.


Dedicated #Gainz is the ultimate gainer if you are a serious athlete aspiring to grow big and lift big! It is not for skinny kids looking for a cheap sugar gainer..

Building quality lean muscle takes time and DEDICATION. No expense was spared. Only the finest of the finest ingredients have been used to create #GAINZ™.

Like a Michelin Star chef, we searched the world to find the finest raw ingredients to fuse #GAINZ together. Eventually, this resulted in an ultimate weight gainer that simply has no rival in both effectiveness and taste.


Learn more about the ingredients in #Gainz.


#GAINZ™ combines both slow and fast absorbing protein in a unique blend of 50% Whey Concentrate and 50% Milk Isolate (Casein). The optimal ratio to support lean muscle mass.

Nothing beats the combination of Whey & Casein as it will give you the best of both worlds. Proteins will start flowing short after drinking #Gainz and up to hours later.

If you want to burst through your plateaus a steady release of protein that supports muscle building and recovery after exercise is exactly what you need!


Oatmeal has been a staple carbohydrate for decades amongst elite athletes for one simple reason; it is nature’s true carbohydrate powerhouse. Oatmeal also has a host of other benefits as well, including adding more fiber to your diet and therefor increasing digestion.

#Gainz contains highly fibrous and typical slow digested Natural RAW Grounded Oats from carefully selected sources.

The other carbohydrate source in #GAINZ™ is the truly cutting edge Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD). This unique and patented ingredient is almost a dream come true for any athlete.

HBCD is added for it's fast energy release, as opposed to the RAW Oats Powder. Together these two ingredients make sure #Gainz contains both a fast and a slow energy releasing carbohydrate source. 

A powerful combination just like the whey and casein in our protein blend.


#GAINZ™ contains raw coconut powder as its only added fat source. Coconut is nature’s ultimate fat source as it contains natural MCT oil and a host of other amazing ingredients.

Raw coconut powder also contains natural electrolytes that will provide you with an extra edge.

Plant Extracts

TMG is also known as betaine and has first been discovered in beetroots. TMG is added to #Gainz because of it's muscle building capacities.

A patented and very potent plant based extract added to #Gainz to enhance uptake and speed up results.

An anti-oxidant found in blue berries.

INGREDIENTS: Ground Oats, Raw Coconut Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate (milk), Milk Protein Isolate, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Trimethylglycine Anhydrous, Flavour, Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium), Astragin® (Astragalus Root & Panax Notoginseng), Blueberry Extract (Pterostilbene).

ALLERGY ALERT: Contains gluten and ingredients derived from milk. Processed in a plant that also processes peanut, egg, soy, nut, fish, shellfish and wheat products.


Everything you want to know about #Gainz.

The best times to use #GAINZ™ are immediately after waking up, between meals and right after a workout. Users struggling to gain weight can take an additional serving right before going to bed.

Yes, #Gainz contains safe and proven ingredients.

#Gainz contains milk derived products and contains gluten. Therefor #Gainz is not recommended if you are lactose or gluten intollerant.

Yes, #GAINZ™ can be perfectly combined with other products. GENESIS™ for instance works great in combination.

In fact, all DEDICATED® products are uniquely designed to work in perfect synergy with each-other, meaning they are not only great in combination, but they even enhance each other's effectiveness when taken together.