• A rather unique green tea extract that further compliments and enhances the pump.

  • Not only does it increase strength, size and volume, it also gives you a truly wicked pump that lasts for hours. Hardly no one used Arginine Nitrate because of cost. Being Dedicated, we don’t go cheap; we always use the real deal. And boy oh boy after taking VASO-GROW, you will feel and see why Arginine Nitrate is the real deal!

  • You know what’s even better than getting a pump? Getting a pump and keeping it for hours; The amino acid L-Norvaline helps to do just that!

  • Pinebark Extract (70% Procyanidins): Our exclusive extract has a scientifically proven effect on oxygen and blood flow delivery to muscles. More oxygen and blood in working muscles means better performance instantly. By using our own exclusive extract which is rich in very specific flavonoids and active compounds,  you get all the amazing benefits from this natural ingredient.

  • This patent pending and extremely cutting edge ingredient was added to further enhance the anabolic properties of the skin splitting pumps VASO-GROW™ provides. VasoDrive-AP™ is made of various highly unique Bioactive Tri-Peptides derived from lactose free Milk. Those Tri-Peptides have been clinically proven to greatly enhance recovery, improve insulin sensitivity whilst prolonging the pump.

  • Vitamin C increases performance through so many different pathways, it would be a waste not to include it!

  • Astragin is capable of increasing absorption, and thus the effectiveness, of all ingredients in VASO-GROW™ making them all work that much better. Every little bit helps!

    It is the synergy between all ingredients what truly sets VASO-GROW™ apart. Every single ingredient is at the exact maximum dosage and is working in perfect harmony together with the others. VASO-GROW™ works like no other product you have ever taken.